Monday, July 11, 2011

One Tough Skull to Crack

While running from her sister, Shelby managed to conk her head on a post.  After hearing the crack, I just knew I was going to see gushing blood since this is what I saw first:

Not a good sign when the sheet rock is damaged

After lots of drama, she finally calmed down with an ice pack on her head.  Poor baby!

This morning, I was shocked (and maybe just a little disappointed) to see just a tiny bruise and no swelling since I had gone to bed last night already planning on great titles for my blog post:
  • That's Gonna Leave a Mark
  • Please Don't Call CPS
  • Why We Haven't Been Out in Public Lately
Oh, least we got some pictures and more item added to the to-do list:  fix the dining room post.


Rita said...

Poor baybeee!

Glad she wasn't gushing blood (glad for her AND you)

lampros lampinos said...

well, as we say in Greece to the ones that are hurt, 'until you get married you'll be alright'=meaning don't worry, the time will heal it