Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The REAL Head of our Household

Meet Mr. Ducky, the newest member of our family.   He may be small, but he means business.  

My mother-in-law actually passed the "brilliance of the timer" secret to me.  Mr. Ducky has done nothing but charm me with his control over my children since the day he came home with us from the grocery store (Market Street--love them!).  Here are some of his best perfomances:

Ring, Ring..."I'm sorry you have to get out of the bathtub, but Mr. Ducky just said time was up."

Ring, Ring..."Shucks,  Mr. Ducky is making us go inside.  Mommy really wanted to chalk with you all day."

Ring, Ring..."Oh, goody, Mr. Ducky said you can get out of time-out now."

Ring, Ring..."I would let you stay up until midnight, but Mr. Ducky just rang letting you know it's time for bed."
 I've been absolutely amazed at how both kids obey his commands and can only hope Shelby respects Mr. Ducky's announcements for many years to come.  Ring, Ring...."I am so sorry you have to stop talking on the phone, but you-know-who just rang."

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Rita said...

Wow! This is SO SMART!

I use a timer most evenings for our "10 minutes of power". The kids race to clean up their toys before the timer goes off.

They think it's great fun (running around trying to 'beat' the timer), while I just think it's great to have a CLEAN HOUSE every night.