Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty Please?

My amazing cousin, Meredith, ( was the only one of my family to inherit some of my amazing Granny Nelle's artistic talent.  She designs invitations, birth announcements (Shelby's was adorable!), and even some really impressive quilts.  She was recently cattle-prodded by me and my other cousin Wendy to enter a fabric design contest.  Needless to say, she was chosen as a finalist!!  My plea is for anyone out there in blogland to go vote for her NOW!  Here is her design, titled "On the Move":

And here is where you go vote: 

You may have to scroll through the pages to find hers, but PLEASE vote!! Again, it's the one that says "on the move by meredithok".  Since I am the one that pushed her to do this, I feel obligated to do some campaigning.  Just click her design and then skip to the end and hit "submit".  After she wins, you can say, "I knew her when..."  


Wendy said...

It was good of us to bully her into entering the contest, don't you think?

Nancy Sue said...

I just voted. My 3 yr old son would love to play with that design! Counting stars or tops or the cute red cars. Right up his alley!! Kudos!(And keeping fingers crossed!)

Meredith said...

Thanks, Monica! You and Wendy are allowed to bully me any time you want!