Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Green Thumbs?

The ONE* time I disobeyed my mother, she made me pull weeds and dig holes for bushes.  Little did she know, she was throwing me into the briar patch by making me do something that I learned to love.  To this day, pulling weeds is therapy for me.  "Playing the dirt," as Jeff, my step-dad, would say, runs in our family.  

On my dad's side, there was a history of farming.  I remember running through barley and cotton fields as a kid.  I just look back on those times and hope my cousins and I didn't damage the crops too much!

It was the highlight of my day when the girls' grandmother sent them pumpkin and sunflower seedling kits.  

Adding a little water

There is such a thing as over-watering!

Yum, this looks like brownies....

Planting the seeds

Why aren't they growing yet??
I hope I've "planted the seed" in nurturing their love of gardening.  After all, it's in their genes!

*Okay, so it was more like five times....or TEN!!


Molly said...

I missed out on that gene. Did Mimi tell you we sent Carly's cabbage to her house while we were in Vegas because I had all but killed it?
Oh...but I got the cholesterol gene! Because Lipitor is cool yo.

Rita said...

My mother would rather be in her garden than ANYWHERE.

Me? Not so much.

Molly said...

Also, why did I also have to dig a ditch to plant bushes AND pull weeds when YOU got in trouble? On the most humid day ever seen in the TX Panhandle.

Linda said...

I played in the dirt today. Planted two knock out rose bush plants, but first had to dig up ugly bushes. Hard work! Glad to see you are following the family tradition! And the cabbage, I hear, is doing well!