Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Started Out So Lovely...

Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week.  It's always my day off.  My house is always clean thanks to my wonderful nanny, Gloria, being here all day on Tuesday.  And, our favorite activity, storytime, is at 10 am at the Valley Ranch library.  

On this Wednesday, I woke up thinking it was going to be a fabulous day.  I knew before we even left the house that I was going to write a blog about our wonderful librarian, Stephanie, and how much my kids love her.   

Stephanie teaching the kids a new song
We arrived early at storytime, so we went down to the canals to feed the ducks.  They were delighted to get bread from the girls, and in return, the girls squealed at the ducks' actions.  

We stopped at the water fountain, just like always, to get a "quick" drink beforehand, and I was able to snap some decent pictures for once.  Still, the day was going well.  

Miss Stephanie has the kids sing the best songs every week.  "Turn Around, Turn Around", "Shake, Shake, Shake Your Sillies Out", and "Open Them, Shut Them" are our favorites.  

Zip your mouth up tight!

Check out how much energy they are burning dancing to "Shake Your Sillies Out":

It was shortly after that video that things started to go south.  Apparently, Shelby didn't "shake all her sillies out" and refused to sit still.  While I was desperately trying to get her to behave, Haley was busy bumming snacks off of anyone willing to share (and even some kids that weren't so willing).  

After about 15 minutes, I jerked them both out the door and drug them to the car.  Shelby LOST it, in classic two-year-old style.  Ten minutes later, I finally had her pinned down long enough to buckle her in the car seat.  After slamming some car doors, we made it back home.  

My sister once told me she repeatedly had to remind herself she was bigger and stronger than her toddlers.  Her words were ringing in my head and were the only thing that kept me from giving in.  

Sorry to tell you this, Miss Stephanie, but we will be back next week to terrorize the toddlers.  I can only hope my threats of "If you don't sit down and be still, we will just go home" will be a little more effective!


Anonymous said...

Been there, done that. Miss Stephanie is the best! She still talks to Rebel and Zoë when they run into her at the library. :D.

Wendy said...

Good for you! You did the absolute right thing, and I bet next time goes a lot better. I love how toddlers redefine the "walk of shame" for us all.... I once took off through JoAnn's at a dead run with Genny screaming her face off... leaving behind my purse, purchase, credit card and Audrey with my friend to take care of for me!

Molly said...

They are getting bigger and stronger. Maybe they will start carrying me out while I cry, scream, and shout at them.

Tracy said...

I have a 2 year old. So I can completely understand. After a few times of just abandoning the cart and taking him outside to the car so we can go home, I just don't even crack the door open if he's having one of his "meltdown" days. It's safer for the planet that way. And though I don't beat my child, when he acts like that, I feel like I'm a terrible Mom and that I'll get arrested or something. *sigh* Thank goodness this is temporary. (this is the advice from my brother who has a 12 year old daughter. something I repeat to myself constantly)