Thursday, February 17, 2011

Because You Want to be JUST Like Me!

To be just like me (nerdy, sleep deprived, and cheap), just become obsessed with the following:
  • My doll-sized quilt, finally finished!!

  • The clothes at  Check out this adorable tunic!  (It's been in my shopping cart for 2 days.  I just can't bring myself to pay $75 for one shirt, but since I am going back to work full-time soon....)

Cutest mushrooms ever!

  • Hannah Anderson Dresses  I stumbled upon a whole table full of tons of these last week at Costco for only $13, WAY cheaper than the website

*None of the things I am currently obsessed with are paying me for this post.  However, I will take commissions on the ruffled pillowcases.  Price is the cost of fabric plus drinky-drink at girls' night out!


Regan said...

I love the Amy Butler fabrics you used on the pillow cases. So pretty.

Re: doll quilt. Did you do free motion quilting??? Do you have a gree motion foot for your machine? I haven't tried free motion quilting yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes out. Yours looks great!

Monica said...

It was free-motion quilting using a free motion stipiling foot. It was HARD and turned out pretty pathetic. I followed a tutorial from my cousin on She did a great job on her instructions.