Saturday, February 12, 2011

THUMB-body loves you!

Thanks to bone-chillingly cold weather, I was forced to come up with way too many ideas to keep the family entertained.  Thanks to, I saw some cute Valentine card ideas.  So, out came the red paint (eek!), some card stock, and lots and lots of towels.  
"More paint, Mama!"

It all added up to about 20 minutes of fun, but keeping toddlers covered in paint corralled got to be too much for this ol' lady.  Red paint and cream carpet do NOT make for a good mixture.  Getting decent pictures to go along with the project was close to impossible.
Yes, those are Christmas PJ's Haley is wearing in February.  Do you even have to ask why?  

But, in the end, I thought the cards turned out adorable.
  • Thumb-body loves you
  • We TOE-tally want you to be our Valentine
  • We think you are TOE-tally HEEL-arious (for Grandpa Walt)
  • You are one HANDsome guy
  • You knock our socks off

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