Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A New Fort for the Pfaffs

 Bryon's parents recently moved to a new home in Los Lunas, New Mexico.  So, what do you think was the first big purchase for their new place?  New appliances?  New furniture?  Nope!  Bryon's dad promptly bought the biggest playset Costco had to offer.    

The instructions clearly state that one should read through the entire manual before attempting to assemble oneself to ensure that "professional help is not needed."    It also estimates time to complete the project at 40 hours.  So, the challenge and race are on for the engineering Pfaff Men!
Step one complete!

How exactly are we going to get this level?

Just a small sample of the parts included. 

Still smiling!

The topping off party.

Who looks more excited~Grandpa or Shelby?
The guys are estimating that they are two-thirds done at this point.  I just know the grandkids are going to appreciate this addition to the new house for MANY years to come!

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