Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Best Universal Tadpole, EVER!

Ever heard of the Universal Tadpole?  Yep, me neither, until my super-smart sister had kids and earned her master's degree.  She can tell you all about how the first images kids draw of people look the same worldwide.  It's usually a circle with lines for arms and legs (no body or neck).  Fascinating that kids in Dubai are drawing the same thing as kids in the good ol' USA.

Today, a friend and I took our kids to lunch.  Shelby was coloring on anything, including the table.  I handed her the bag my yummy burger came in, and this is what my budding Picasso designed:

It was a Universal Tadpole! To the right is a bird, complete with wings and claw feet.  Is it too early to set up an etsy account for her now?

1 comment:

Rita said...

Um, WOW. Shelby is a genius. At least I hope so... as Paige can only draw a CIRCLE.