Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Little Shelby

For months, Shelby was telling everyone we saw her birthday was going to be June the 8th at Chuck E. Cheese.  Everyone in her class, in line at the grocery store, at the park, and even at the dentist was invited.  (Something tells me she's an extrovert just like her mom!)  Not being the biggest fan of Chuck's, I was trying my hardest to find another place as awesome as she perceived the Mouse House to be.  

Finally, we visited Aquatots just to look around and see if it was an acceptable place for her to host the hundreds of people she had invited.  Bingo!  She loved the idea of a swim party.  Plus, they do everything a party needs to be a success in the eyes of a 5-year-old:  cake with oodles of blue icing, indoor pool you have to yourself, Cheetos and Capri Suns, lifeguards playing games with the kids, and even the required bags of crap party favors.  I didn't even have to clean up.  Talk about BINGO!!  
Could she be any happier?

Look at me!  I'm 5!

Haley was less than thrilled that I wasn't taking pictures of her.

The camera loves Haley.  And Haley loves the camera (as long as it is pointed towards her).
Bryon and Josh discussing the joys of parenthood

The birthday girl riding the rapids

Ava Pie, Shelby Sparkle, and Dany Dash
 Shelby has become obsessed with My Little Pony in the past few months.  Not wanting to disappoint our filly, I let her run with the pony theme.  We stumbled upon these printable party hats, and Shelby begged to make some for her party.  We had lots of fun coloring, glueing, and inspecting the hats, and Shelby couldn't wait to show them to all her friends.

Can you tell which ones Mom colored?

The Ponyville population ready for their sugar cubes!

Look closely and you will Twinkle Sparkle and Rarity hanging out on the beach cake.  I'm wondering what happened to Princess Chardonnay...

Shelby's blue eyes match the icing.  Scary!

Shelby, you are growing up to be such a sweet and caring girl.  We love your willingness to please us and your ever-inquisitive questions.  You are so brave that you even held a snake this morning!  Please don't ever lose your sweet spirit, your unlimited supply of kisses for mom and dad, your love of learning, or your fearless view of the world.  And, please don't ask to go to Chuck E. Cheese next year!

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