Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fast Learners

Our yard is embarrassing.  It is full of any kind of weed known to man.  Although I enjoy pulling those pesky weeds, it has gotten out of control, in particular these tiny trees that are easy to pull.  Taking advantage of the "helping" hands around my house, I told the girls I would pay them 1 penny per weed.  Shelby quickly grabbed some paper to chart her work.

After about 5 minutes, both girls were "exhausted" from all their weed pulling.  Shelby informed me she pulled 10 weeds and wanted her pennies.  When I tried to explain that she could get a whole dime for her wages, she said she wanted a dollar instead.  After learning she had to pull 100 weeds for the dollar, she declared, "Well, I'll just ask Grandma Birdie for one!" 

Yep, forget working for her money.  My girl will just call Grandma!!
Shelby and Grandma Birdie

And, then there was Haley.  That girl LOVES chocolate.  One night, after being told she couldn't have another chocolate chip cookie, she declared that she would just go to Mimi's house.  For the record, my mom (mimi) loves chocolate as much as the rest of us.  She always has chocolate-covered somethings in her house:  almonds, cherries, pecans, and recently acai berries.  Of course, the acai berries were only stashed for the antioxidants contained in the berry and NOT for the dark chocolate goodness surrounding them.  We like the way you think, Mimi!

Mimi, Mr. Monk, and Haley

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