Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly to OUR Home

Our homeowners' association recently had a Ladybug release at a local park.   We had a little time to kill, so I took the girls.  This event is going on our "Must-Not-Miss" list of events from now on!

Shelby on the slide
Haley on the slide

Chasing the ladybug kite
After chasing the kite and playing on the bounce house slide, the MILLIONS of bugs were released.  Each kid was given a ladybug catcher to take them home, with the idea that Valley Ranch will be covered in aphid-eating ladybugs all summer.
Just a small example of the millions of ladybugs released

Haley feeling apprehensive about all the ladybugs

Shelby trying the blow-the-bug-in-the-cup technique

After catching as many ladybugs as possible (and even killing a few after they attacked my camera lens), the balloon freak twister made a butterfly and puppy dog for the girls.  He was FULL of all kinds of lame jokes that Shelby found more frustrating than funny.

Bugs + balloon = happy Shelby

Haley holding onto her dog balloon for dear life

and showing it off a tiny bit

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