Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to School

After a very long summer, the girls have finally started back to pre-school.  Shelby is now a "Senior" at CCDC, as she is in the 4-year-old class.  After this year, she will be graduating to Kindergarten.  She seemed very apprehensive about going to school this year, so I gave her a secret potion bottle that contained some dried lavender to spook away monsters at school. 

Much to my surprise, she embraced the idea and loved having the secret potion hidden in her backpack.  She didn't even stop to give me a hug when I dropped her off in her new classroom.  I hope her teacher this year, Ms. Monica, finds her as sweet and smart as her mommy and daddy do!
Shelby's first day 
Haley turned out to be on the other end of the spectrum.  She could NOT wait until school started and had packed her lunch way back in July.  She didn't seem scared for one moment to be starting school.

Little did we expect, she freaked out when it was time to be dropped off in Ms. Liz's classroom.  We almost had a total meltdown until she got distracted by the playdoh.  I can only hope Ms. Liz finds her as funny and curious as her mommy and daddy do!
Haley's first day

Getting the girls to tell us about their day at school is next to impossible.  So far, here's what Shelby has divulged:

  • She saw some of her classmates from last year on the playground
  • She wants to either walk to school (5 miles!) or ride home on the bus with her teacher (there is no bus)
  • She learned "rojo" at Spanish
  • She saw Haley in the hall and gave her a hug

And here are Haley's little nuggets:
  • She cried at lunch because someone took her milk
  • She cried after lunch because she missed Mom and Dad
  • She doesn't like playground
  • She hasn't made any friends and doesn't like the boys in her class
  • She doesn't want pull-ups in her backpack because she uses the potty, even though it is a rule that we send a pull-up just in case of accidents
I can't wait to see what they have to say in a few months!

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