Friday, September 7, 2012

The Way Fishing Should Be....

A perfect day of fishing should include:

  • Chamber of Commerce type weather (no wind, perfect temperature)
  • Shady spot under a big tree
  • A fish on your hook within 5 minutes of casting, with no humans hooked at all
  • Limit reached before you get bored
  • Beautiful surroundings
Luckily, our big family outing to go fishing included it all!  The Lakes at Isleta is the ideal place to take kids with short attention spans, as both girls caught their 3-fish limit within an hour.  The lakes are stocked with catfish in the summer and trout in the winter.  Needless to say, we will be going back to catch some trout on our next New Mexico trip!

Take at look at all our fun:

Be sure to bring your Barbie poll to catch the "big one"

Bryon teaching Haley proper technique

Haley's first catch...hard to tell who's more excited, Bryon or Haley!

Shelby looking bored after waiting a whole 5 minutes for a bite

The men teaching the ladies how to fish

Grandpa telling Shelby how to talk to the fish

Shelby doing the Happy Dance

Shelby's first catch

Shelby loved the worms as much as the fishing

Bryon teaching Shelby how to cast

Beautiful scenery

Just check out our bounty!

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