Monday, August 13, 2012

The Rainbow Connection

Last night, we made a last minute decision to go to our favorite hamburger joint, Big Daddy's Ship Store.  They sell little bags of dog food that the kids can feed to the fish and ducks, so it keeps the kids entertained while the adults enjoy a little beverage.

The fish will practically eat out of your hands, and the turtles just play with the ducks.  It's funny to watch the girls' different techniques.  Haley's all about the instant gratification and tosses all her food in at once.  Shelby is more calculated, throwing a few pieces to each duck to make sure they all get a bit.

Because it is on the lake, the atmosphere is VERY relaxed and casual.  What more could one ask for in a restaurant?  Well, how about fridges stocked with adult libations that are "free", with "tips" suggested.  It's help-yourself, so no need to wait for a waiter to come around for refills.

What we didn't expect was a short sprinkle of rain followed by a beautiful rainbow over the water.  Shelby was beyond excited, shouting, "It's my first rainbow!"  Both girls had lots of theories of what was at the end of the rainbow including a treasure of gold, birds, toys, and a robot tree.

 We still aren't sure what a "Robot Tree" is, but it was amusing trying to decipher their theories!

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