Wednesday, May 16, 2012

That's How We Roll

I love my family!  We spent a short but sweet time together celebrating the life of Walt.  What other family can say they caught a Horny Toad, drove a vintage fire truck, viewed their Grandmother's paintings in a museum, and allowed Grandpa Jeff to drive four great-grandkids around in one Mule...And, I'm happy to report there weren't any injuries!  

Not OSHA approved
Haley adores her hero, Jeff!

Grandma Nelle's creation fascinated these Pfaff girls exactly the same way as it did two other little Blackman girls 30 years ago

Imitating the eagles
Howling like the coyotes (what's hidden in the den is a whole other story!)

One of my favorite L. Poling paintings...too bad it isn't for sale!

Walt's grandkids in order of intelligence age

Poling Ranch fire truck that I finally got to ride in.  I've only been waiting 25 years!
Quite the poser

My brave girls

Bryon Pfaff, Lizard Hypnotist Extraordinaire 

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Rita said...

If my memory serves, my Gramoa Lehman helped construct portions of the museum. We used to go there EVERY time we wherein Fritch. We looooved it.

Also? I thought horny toads were extinct ! That'll tach me not to believe everything I read on the Internet, eh?