Monday, May 28, 2012

A Memorable Memorial

This Memorial Day weekend will be one to remember.  It started off with a typical whining, fighting, and no sleeping drive to our destination--Austin for my cousin Justus and Caroline's wedding.

After realizing I booked the wrong hotel, 45 minutes from anything, we loaded the kids and crap up and relocated.  Strike one.

By the time we got settled into the second hotel and got the kids to the pool we had been promising for four LONG hours, they were only able to swim for about 15 minutes before we had to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.  Have you ever had to pull a kid out of the pool after only 15 minutes?  They were NOT happy campers.  Strike two.

Swans!  In the lobby!  Now, where's the pool?
The rehearsal dinner was wonderful.  Young, beautiful 20-something friends of the couple mingled with all us old fogies and moms chasing kids around.  Apparently there were some great toasts and a lovely slide show.  I missed that due to the kids-chasing duties...

However, I did not miss the rounds and rounds of yummy BBQ, sides, and dessert.  Neither did Haley, who ended up eating just a little too much on her already-wound up tummy.  I should have seen it coming, but before I knew it, she was barfing up her entire day's worth of food.  Strike three.  We were OUT!

Luckily, day two turned out SO much nicer.  The girls got to swim to their heart's content.  I got to go shopping (DSW) and hang out with the adult gals for a few facials (Rodan and Fields).  Then, the fun really started after we dropped the kids off at my dad's house.

Bryon and I acted like those 20-somethings, hitting not one but TWO bars before getting ready for the big wedding.  And, boy howdy, was it a wedding!  The setting was GORGEOUS in typical Austin style--big trees, lots of stone, so many huge floral arrangements of flowers I couldn't even recognize, and perfect weather.  The couple was adorable.  Seriously.  Just look at this loveliness:
So in love!

Could they be any cuter?
And more highlights:
Aunt Wendy (Mother of the groom) and I
The groom's brothers trying to stay out of trouble

Mom's New Mexico cousins, Judy and Peggy, enjoying Texas

Mom and Jeff, looking lovely too!
After picking up the kids from my dad and Christy, we headed back home to reality.  We decided to make it a true vacation, stopping to play tourist at the Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown.  It turned out to be this amazing one hour tour of a huge cave.  

Unfortunately for Haley and me, the guide said we might see bats.  Haley got freaked out and started losing it about 15 minutes into the tour.  She and I ended up escaping the tomb cave and hanging out in the gift shop.  I can only take Bryon and Shelby's word that the rest of the tour was worth stopping for...
Headed into Inner Space

Haley is already thinking about giant bats coming to get her

One of my kids enjoying the fun...

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