Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sugar High Part III

Before babbling about the THIRD Halloween party, I want to say last week was one of the worst weeks of 2011.  There is NO way I could have made it through without such wonderful people in my life.  My mom watched the kids while I was recovering.  Our awesome nanny, Gloria, helped me prepare tons of freezer food.  My husband was the shoulder I needed to cry on and was the rock that kept me focused.  And, then, there are my incredible co-workers.  Seriously, how many people are lucky enough to work with their great friends??  Especially ones that send you these:

Lori, Annette, Anneva, and Emily ROCK!

So, on to the party!  Ms. Annette had six adorable munchkins over to celebrate. We had a great time decorating pumpkins, playing "Pin the tail on the cat", and busting the pinata.  Haley was an absolute riot, taking off her costume and running around with just pink tights on for half the night.  All she could talk about on the way home was "'Nett.  Party.  FUN!"  Thanks, Annette, for entertaining my crew!
Who's ready to party?

Fruit of the Loom?

No one was injured!

Go, Haley!

The "blindfold" completes the dinosaur costume

Pin the tail on the cat

Our little artist

Ethan's creation

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