Friday, October 28, 2011

Sugar High, Part I

Tuesday night was open house at Shelby's school.  Festivities included:

  • Fall Festival Pictures by the "paparazzi"
  • Deep Sea Bean Bag toss

Is softball in her future?
Just look at that follow-through!
  • Pumpkin Patch

  • Pumpkin Bowling

Is bowling in her future?
  • Halloween Tattoos
Hopefully temporary tattoos are the only kind in her future!

  • Fishing Fun (the kids "caught" bags of goldfish)
  • Cake Walk (where mom actually scored some amazing cookies made by Ms. "Macole")
  • Treasure Hunt
Look at my loot!  A spider ring!
  • And, to top off the sugar supply, they got cotton candy at the end.  

Strawberry made by Monica, watermelon made by Children's Place

As a side note, I learned that my friend Jessica harbors deep hatred for Halloween.  She largely blames that fact that her mother sewed or pieced together costumes for her instead of letting her buy one from the store.  Jessica made it very clear to me that I shouldn't be sewing costumes for my kids.  Sorry, Jess, but it is so darn fun sewing something that doesn't have to be perfect!  

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lampros lampinos said...

hello, your girl is just a little something.. love the moments in your photos,
i hope you're all very well