Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Forced Family Fun

Last weekend was the annual Poling Cousins' Reunion, and this year's was the best ever.  My wonderful aunt, Wendy A., found the perfect location, The Sundown Resort, on the Guadalupe river in the Texas Hill Country.  Just check out this view:

The river was the perfect way to cool off, wear the kids out, float around while sipping on a beverage, practice our awesome canoeing skills, and laugh at the old men attempting to keep up with the next generation.  

Teaching the little ones how to canoe

Teaching the bigger ones to canoe

He missed canoe lessons and managed to fall in a few times!  (Jeff)

I hoped all that kicking would equal a good night's sleep.  It did not.

Conrad showing off his bravery

Soaking and sipping

As usual, my family had me cracking up.  Here were some of my favorite quotes:

"Did those fajitas upset your stomach as much as mine?"  said Landon, as he had fun blowing bubbles through his pool noodle.

Everyone loves a good fart joke*

"He's a three-joke-wonder"  (Carson referring to Landon's antics)

"Poop?" Haley after seeing certain things for the first time...I'll spare her the total embarrassment and not give all the details.  Needless to say, it has a lot to do with this picture:

"You think I can teach you two semesters' worth of canoeing in 5 minutes?"  Robert said to Meredith.  It took him 30 minutes to convince me he really had 2 semesters of canoeing at A&M.  No wonder he was nicknamed "Gondolier"!

"Time for crap swap?" asked Carly.  "Nope, it's craft time," said Molly.  "What's 'craft'?" asked Carly.  Best line all weekend from Robert, "Your daughter knows what crap is but not craft?"

Our weak attempt at crafting 

"You are coming home with less crap than you are taking, right?, "  Bryon informed me while I was packing.  Needless to say, I found lots of goodies at our traditional crap swap i.e. lots of Julianne's dresses, Carson's handmade doll-sized rocking horse, and Wendy's old maps that I plan on using in a craft project.  

It's like a garage sale, but everything is FREE!

Unfortunately, Bryon and Shelby missed all the fun.  They were in New Mexico for a wedding.  No worries though because they will get to experience Forced Family Fun next year!

Some random fun pics that will make you jealous that you aren't one of my cousins*:

Carson, Landon, Gary (We never claimed to be refined!)

Molly, Meredith, Julianne, Monica (showing off our custom made aprons by Wendy P.)

Andrew and Kelsey  (Ah, to be so young and in love)

Stan and Bobbie (Ah, to be not-so-young and in love!)
Wendy P. and Robert (Aren't they the cutest!?!)

Bathing beauties! (Haley and Carly)
Huge thanks goes out to my Aunt Wendy A. for all of her hard work and Landon* for picking such a great place!  

We love you guys!

*Single ladies--it's not too late to join in all this refined fun...Landon is single and is looking for someone that will appreciate his humor.  Let me know if you think you might want to go out!!

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