Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Shelby

Dear Shelby,

You turned three last week.  Amazing, no?  You are the most intriguing and charming three-year-old I've ever raised.  You put a smile on anyone's face that comes within 10 feet of you.  Here are some fun facts all about you!

~Anything with sugar
~Macaroni and cheese
~Steak (not ground beef, but filet!)
~'nastics class (gymnastics)
~Gloria, your nanny, and her kids
~Going out on the boat
~Bounce houses, trampolines, and beds to jump on



~Bedtime (but doesn't every kid fight going to bed?)
~Getting your hair washed
~Daddy or Mommy leaving without you getting a hug and a kiss
~Sharing with Haley

~Video games.  You get it from your dad and could play on the Nintendo DS all day if I let you.
~Drawing.  You can draw a great picture of mommy, a dog, balloons, and flowers.

~Potty training...Seriously, kid, the "accidents" are getting old.
~Can't pronounce "l" sound.  Still say "wuv" instead of "love".
~Following directions at gymnastics.  You want to just do your own thing.
~Swimming.  Yep, we've got a long way to go on mastering the water thing...

Walk sideways, not forward.
Things you do to make your momma smile:
~Pronounce "th" as "s" (Jonason instead of Jonathan)
~Tell me, "I love you momma.  You're such a good girl."
~Tell me, "Will you be happy?" when I am mad at you.
~You will try any food we make for you.  You may not like it, but at least you try it.

You are a true joy, and we love you.  Happy birthday, Dear Shelby!

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