Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Round Three

Whew! Are you still with me? Do you need a caffeine jolt yet? I'd been snoozing too...Here's a picture of Haley with Grandpa Norman just to pull at your heart strings:

Christmas Round Three was celebrated in Rio Rancho, New Mexico with Bryon's family, Norman, Janice, Aaron, Juanita, and baby Ashlee. After a torturous TWELVE hour drive from Irving to Rio Rancho, all I could think about was a real adult night away from the girls. Bryon's parents kept Shelby and Haley for us while we stayed in a real, live hotel, with gambling and champagne and the longest, hottest bath I have had in months. Did I mention there was NO Nick Jr. or dirty diapers?? Sorry girls, but I really didn't miss you all that much. Momma needed some adult time!

The view from our room was magical. As we sat drinking our champagne, staring off into the Rockies, and being real adults, we swear we saw the first snowflakes of the day. I told Bryon it was like being inside a snowglobe. The flakes were huge and falling so slowly that I felt drunk after two sips of my real, live adult drink. It's a moment I hope I never forget! Here's a picture from our room:

We also ventured to Santa Fe the next day to have lunch at Tomasita's. All in all, it felt good to be normal again!

After returning to the in-law's, Bryon took Shelby out to see the snow. Adorable!

The "Best Gift" award went to the little tricycle Shelby got from her grandparents. Here she is with the world's biggest grin:

Bryon's parents have several dogs. Needless to say, Oscar and Daisy got lots of attention from Shelby, whether they wanted it or not.

Poor dogs! We would have tried to sneak Daisy home in our luggage if we weren't in fear of our dog Lily having her for lunch.

After hearing horror stories about the snow-packed roads in Texas, we decided to stay an extra day in New Mexico. It was great getting to spend some extra time letting the grandparents take care of my girls while I got some needed sleep. Again, we had a great time and pigged out on some yummy food. I have the best in-laws that spoiled me way too much this trip!

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