Sunday, February 17, 2013

I REALLY mean it!

Is there anything cuter than pre-schoolers on Valentines Day?  This year was no exception. 

First up was Haley's class party.  They did the typical games, books, sugar-filled snacks, and card exchange.  But, the highlight was the little presentation they did with their teacher, Ms. Liz.  How Ms. Liz can get a group of 9 two & three-year-olds to stand still and sing is beyond me!  She has more patience in her left pinky than I do in my whole body.  Check out the cuteness that is "Skid-a-ma-rink-a-dink-a-dink":

At the end, the kids all sing, "I love you.  I REALLY mean it!"  Haley's been adding the line to everything since her presentation.  "Mom, I need milk now!  I REALLY mean it!"  "Mom, my arm hurts.  I REALLY mean it!"  

Haley and 'Lone (Malone, her bestfriend)

And, another song showing just how patient Ms. Liz is:

After coming down from my sugar high from the first party, it was time for Shelby's class.  Being a little older (4&5), they all knew what sugary goodness was in store for the day.  It was heart-warming to see them so excited to pass out their special Valentines cards to all their friends.   In a few short years, it will be more about the boyfriend/girlfriend experience, so I am cherishing these years while Shelby LOVES everyone just for who they are. 

Shelby checking out her loot
 Shelby's teacher, Ms. Monica, surprised the kids by arranging their monster card boxes around the room doing various activities.  Sam's box was sitting in Ms. Monica's chair.  Shelby's box was hanging out in the stroller.  Dany's box was rocking Molly's box in the cradle.  My favorite was Varalika's box ironing.  I wonder if she would come do some ironing at my house!

Varalika is ironing!

Not to be left out on the love, Bryon and I went on the best Valentine's Day date is YEARS.  (Not to say we've been on some bad dates, but we just haven't done anything at all in a long time.)  We went to some friends' house and took the kids.  They were pretty close to perfect, playing upstairs all night, all the while letting the adults sip a little wine and have real adult conversations.  What more could a middle-aged mama ask for?!?

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