Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One "Fart" Cookie

Haley's speech is so adorable these days.  I love the way she says her name, more like "Howly".  And, any word that begins with an "S" turns into an "F".

Take, for instance, her pronunciation of "Swim".  It turns into "Fwim".  When she has dry boogers, she calls them "Fikey Nocos"  (spiky mocos (spanish for booger)).  Hilarious!!

So, this week, the kids in her class are having a Thanksgiving celebration where each child is assigned a food item to add to a big bucket.  After it is all mixed up, they will get a portion to bring home.  Lucky Haley was assigned Smarty candies, or "Farty" candies, as she likes to say.

We had to go to THREE different groceries stores to find "farties", with Haley yelling, "Mommy, does this store have FARTIES??"  up and down each aisle of every store.  At the Tom Thumb where we finally found a mega-bag, she told the cashier that she was going to a Farty Party.  Now, that's one party you can leave me off of the invite list!

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Shelly@Shelly No Belly said...

Hahaha!! This made me laugh so hard! When Bryson was about 2, it would sound like he was saying stupid a*s truck for UPS truck.