Wednesday, September 21, 2011

These are the People in your Neighborhood

To say the least, we live in a very diverse Dallas suburb.   Just check out the demographics for Valley Ranch:

I have yet to meet that one person from Ireland, but I can't wait!

In some ways, I just love that we are so exposed to other cultures.  I've learned so much about Vietnam, India, curry, Islam, pho, tapioca tea, arranged marriages, Thai chilis, and saris.  We have some of the best and most diverse restaurants in all of Texas!

Being from a small Panhandle town with only two races, Caucasian and Hispanic, it is still a shock to me at times.  Just the other day, Shelby looked outside and asked if it was Halloween.  I assumed it was just another attempt to get some candy until she followed up with, "But, why is that lady dressed up?"  I had to giggle just a little at her keen observation of an Indian woman wearing a Sari while out walking.  

Generic example of Indian clothing

Kids say the funniest things!  I've become so accustomed to seeing Indian styles that I don't even notice such things anymore.  And, while I'm still trying to learn as much as I can about the people in our neighborhood, my kids are just worried they are going to miss out on free candy.

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