Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dodged that ER visit...for now!

Seven-month old Haley continues to shock us by her physical ability. This past weekend, she managed to climb up most of the staircase and finished off the rest with encouragement from her older sister. "Go, Hay!!" is Shelby's battlecry. (By the way, "No, Hay!" is her favorite admonishment. I hear it all day long...) Needless to say, the gate had to be re-installed much earlier for Haley than for Shelby.

So, we were well aware of her climbing abilities. We knew better. But, did we lower her crib mattress with these thoughts in mind?? Heck no! All of that determination led Miss "Hay" to climb over the edge today during what I thought was her nap. After hearing the big thud of her falling to the ground, screaming and crying ensued. Luckily, she seems to be doing just fine tonight, and Dad and Shelby managed to lower her mattress to a safer level...for now!!

Haley practicing for the Baby Olympics:

Not to be outdone, Shelby decided she needed to pull her own trick to earn herself some attention. Those yummy blueberries she likes to munch on seemed like a great idea to shove up each nostril. After some complaining about her nose, Dad found one blueberry in the right side. Hours later, when brushing her teeth before bed, I noticed another one on the left side. I was about to decide we needed to go to the E.R. after trying to suction it out myself for 15 minutes. Luckily, it popped out about that time.

So, while my girls scare the heck out of me with their antics, I would like to consider them both skilled and advanced for their age. One of these days, when they win the Nobel Prize, I'll remind them of the crib and blueberry incidents!


Anonymous said...

Emily was done with her crib at about 9 months old, she climbed out 4 times one night (with the mattress lowered) so that was the end of that


sweetgreg said...
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Anonymous said...

I can't remember how old Ella was when she climbed out/fell out of her crib at 3 am. We had also failed to realize the crib mattress was in need of lowering. She had a lovely black then blue then green then yellow eye for about 2 weeks to prove we had been negligent parents.