Monday, April 19, 2010

And the Oscar Goes To...

The Academy Awards Committee needs to create a new category in honor of the Pfaff girls--Best Sisters Playing in a Short Film. The first submitted entry is of Shelby pulling Haley out of the corner, where she always manages to crawl and get stuck.
Entry #2 is the girls torturing Lilly and Winsor. If Haley isn't stuck in the corner, she can be found hanging onto one of the dog's crates.

Shelby has finally started to acknowledge her sister's existence and will even try to comfort her when she is crying. It gives me hope that some day they will play together for hours on end while I catch up on posting blogs!


Molly said...

I love Shelby pulling Haley by her feet. That's the best! Thanks for the laugh. I'm sure you never did that to me.

Jessica Black said...

Molly... That video was terrifying! Although I can't remember it vividly, I am positive Connie did this to me repeatedly. And what's worse is the mom, in this case, Monica just watches and thinks it's cute. This will only lead to more torture from the older sister. Sucks to be #2. So sorry Haley!