Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a Year!

Has it really already been a year since Shelby made her grand appearance into our lives? How time flies! Since our number one priority is to spoil her rotten, she was thrown not one, but TWO parties. That lucky girl got to cover her face in icing twice. She also had about six different wardrobe changes into all the adorable birthday onesies created by Grandma Janice (the green one with the butterfly) and Aunt Wendy Lee (the one covered in icing and the cupcake one).

First, we had the family birthday party at our house. Bryon's parents, my mom and Jeff, and my sister Molly and her family came over. Shelby loved seeing her cousins Carly and Conrad. Carly informed me that Shelby was her favorite cousin "on this side of the family." I guess Shelby's conversation skills just weren't developed enough to get her the overall winner's spot! Conrad cracked us all up while swimming by insisting on wearing the "Special Agent Osso" jacket, a life jacket we had to convince him to wear. Once he got the idea that he could float in his special jacket, he had a blast. All the women took a break from the excitement and went to the shoe store. Afterall, we had worked so hard spoiling Miss June, and we deserved a little retail relaxation!

Shelby's second party was the friends' party at Chuck E. Cheese. This was my first experience with a full-out party at Up-Chucks, and it really wasn't near as bad as what others had made it out to be. The pizza was actually pretty tasty. Then again, I am six months pregnant and will eat just about anything! Noƫlle brought a scrumptious cupcake cake with mounds of pink icing. All the games, noises, kids, and activities were Shelby's cup of tea. She had a blast! At the end of the day, we had worn her out.


kerri said...

so cute!!!

Wendy said...

Such a cutie! I love that you accessorized the green icing with the "1" onesie. They match perfectly! Appreciate the shoutout!

Happy Birthday Shelby!

Rita Ortloff said...

Look at that sweet girl! I love it! Give her big kisses from OKC.

allison said...

I can't believe she's a year old! Time flies! She is so cute!!