Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let's Get Together, Yah, Yah, Yah!

Our annual Poling Cousins' Reunion was held this past weekend at the Poling Ranch, near Fritch, Texas. We had a blast! Robert and Wendy worked their tails off getting ready for the big event. Wendy made the hilarious "Family. Beer. A shooting contest. What could possibly go wrong?" t-shirts and koozies. Robert did a ton of work to get a new sign ordered for the ranch entrance. (Someone had shot up the old one. Reward offered to find the culprit!) Walt cooked up some yummy burgers and hotdogs. Stan iced down lots of cold drinks. Linda and Jeff shopped for all the food. Monica and Bryon just showed up!

By some odd force of nature, the day started off with rain. Yes, in the Panhandle, where they get no rain EVER, it rained on us. There is nothing better than watching storm clouds in that great big sky. After it cleared up, we played with kites, guns, 4-wheelers, rocks, a horny toad, Crap Swap, and door prizes. We had a ball and can't wait until next year!


Wendy said...

how did I miss the horny toad???

we had so much fun, and it was really great to see you guys. I think it went extremely well!! And thanks to Julianne and the crap swap, I now have a fall wardrobe. Life is good.

please excuse my blatant self-promotion here... if anyone needs custom tees, koozies or totes for a special occasion: family reunion, bar mitzvah, wedding, etc... contact me and I'd love to design something for you!

Anonymous said...

Our family reunion t-shirts aren't nearly as fun or clever as yours! I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Oh... and never any beer at our reunions! Forget the Sloan family adoption.... can I be a Poling?

Rita Ortloff said...

So much fun! Great post!