Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sorting Laundry

No free rides around here! Shelby earns her keep by sorting laundry for Mama...or just making a mess of it all! Why does every picture have an extra layer of drool??

Bryon caught her in the act trying to climb out of the crib. The bumpers have since come down, and the mattress has been lowered to prevent a major crash. All we need is a big bruise or broken bone...

Shelby loves mealtime, especially the sweet foods like mango and banana. We found guava babyfood in New Mexico, and that seemed to be her all-time favorite. Too bad we can't find more in Texas! She is so funny while eating, making lots of "mmm" sounds. It's the littlest things she does that melts our hearts.

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Linda said...

She was so cute with the death grip on the Texas Roadhouse rolls. Smart gal. Those are GOOD! Her mouth was so full she couldn't even say mmmmm.