Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Morris House Christmas

Marc, Bryon, Molly, Conrad, Jeff, Carly, Linda, Shelby, and Monica

Matching baby blues! Hopefully Shelby will keep her eye color to match Monty's (Gramps, Peeps, Peepaw...whatever!). We had a wonderful Christmas in Big Spring. Shelby's cousin, Carly, was a soldier in The Nutcracker, so we all met in West Texas to see her performance. She was BY FAR the best soldier out of the bunch!

Instead of the traditional Christmas dinner, Molly made brisket, and we tried to duplicate Ivey's "fajitas". They turned out even better! Mom and Jeff, Dad and Christy, Molly and Marc, and Bryon and I had a great time playing wii, decorating ornaments, chasing Shelby, Conrad, and Carly, and opening tons of gifts. Thanks to all for everything!

With all her new toys, all this little angel wants is the cord to the lights. This looks safe to me! She is a little stubborn once she sets her mind to something i.e. playing with cords and outlets. "No" means nothing at this point!


Linda said...

The kids posed so well. It was the first year we didn't have to hold Conrad down or chase him. He is learning the Carly trick of playing to the camera! And Shelby just knew it instinctively. Smart kids.

Carrie said...

Monica - I love that you blog. I have thought about starting one so many times but never have. And we do have a lot in common! The cake thing is definitely a tie that binds. :)

Okay, on the picture at the Morris Christmas - 1) Molly looks so much like your mother, 2) you guys have the blondest-blue-eyed-est family I personally know, and 3) Shelby is so, so cute.

C Pfaff said...

Hello, I searched my name, which is Conrad Pfaff, on google image search, and found a photo oddly similar to me and my grandfather. It turns out that it is not, but someone else. Wow.