Saturday, August 9, 2008


Not the greatest picture, but I really wanted to get Shelby screaming during her first round of immunizations. The nurse got a kick out of me trying to take the picture and hold Shelby's hands out of the way at the same time.

Her two month check-up went well. The doctor said she looked great and seemed to be a very inquisitive baby. The worst part for me was pulling the bandaids off later that night!

Since she was worn out from throwing a fit during her four shots, I used the opportunity to run to Mom and Jeff's house for lunch. Their dog, Chuck, LOVES Shelby, especially when he licks her toes. He would give her a tongue bath if we let him! Anyway, we enjoyed spending time at the Rowland house for the afternoon. Jeff did a good job posing for the camera!


Linda said...

We enjoyed spoiling Shelby for the afternoon. Chuck doesn't like our toes as much as hers!

Molly said...

Weeve me awone, chuck!

Anonymous said...

The shots are no fun. At least at this age she doesn't remember them. :)