Monday, August 4, 2008

Highlights of a Great Weekend

For all of you wanting a picture of Shelby, sorry to disappoint you! Since this blog is about the whole family, I thought I might document the highlights of our weekend. After moving out to the suburbs 6 years ago, we discovered that the closest Taco Cabana was over 15 minutes away. How sad! We might not have moved to Valley Ranch had we known that. Anyway, this week, a new Taco Cabana opened right by our house. YIPEE!! We ate there on Saturday and got about half way through the meal before Shelby lost it. I knew the day was coming where she wouldn't be the perfect angel in a restaurant. At least it was fast food and not somewhere fancy.

On Sunday, we decided to venture out again. Bryon had eaten at a California Pizza Kitchen while he was in Newport Beach a couple of weeks ago. He wanted me to try the Waldorf Salad from there, so we drove all the way to Grapevine to try it out. YUM! It was the big highlight of my weekend. And, good news to all of our New Mexico friends. The company will be opening a location in Albuquerque Uptown soon. Shelby actually slept the whole time, while a three month old baby next to us threw a fit. I was relieved not to have to be the one having to care for a crying baby for once!

One other Shelby note...she has found her thumb! I'm hoping to get a picture of her sucking it soon. She sticks it in her mouth with her other four fingers spread over her whole face. I'm thinking the thumb will replace her pacifier soon.

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wendy said...

Yum! I'll take the Greek!