Friday, November 29, 2013

Scout has arrived!

Welcome back, Scout!  Our family Elf-on-the-Shelf made his official appearance today.  We were SO excited to learn Santa had made some changes to Scout's duties this year.  He will no longer fly around the house at night doing mischievous and exciting activities.  The rules have changed, and he now only has to update the countdown to Christmas display!  

Scout's handwriting looks a whole lot like mine!

The funniest thing about getting the house decorated for Christmas this year has been seeing Haley throw a fit about Scout's arrival.  She had real tears when I tried to put him out and even tried to hide him in a drawer.  When quizzed why she hated Scout, she said she didn't want him telling Santa about her being bad.  At least she knows she acts up on occasion! 
Whatever you do, do NOT look in the drawer for Scout!

Black Friday for me meant climbing in a dark attic searching for the Christmas crates.  I broke down and got a fake real tree versus the fake palm tree we have always used.  Needless to say, the palm tree is a whole lot easier to decorate.  However, it was worth it seeing how much fun the girls had helping decorate.

Only two ornaments died in the decorating of this tree

I had my doubts, but I'm finally in the Christmas spirit.  Thanks to and some Thanksgiving day shopping, I've found some fun gifts for the special people in our lives.  The biggest thrill of this season is knowing Scout won't wake me up in the middle of night reminding me to move him before the girls get up!  

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