Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy birthday, Baby Bear

Our little baby Haley turns FOUR today.  She is nothing less than the most special kid around!  She keeps us guessing, laughing, and pulling our hair out all at the same time.

Parents always wonder what their kids will become.  With Haley, I have NO clue.  Whatever her future holds, she will be no less than CEO as she is always in charge.  (or at least we have to let her think she is charge!)

When asked, all she wants to do is marry her friend Malone and have 100 babies.  She talks about being a mama non-stop.  Anytime she sees baby stuff in the store, she asks if I will buy it for her babies.  Grandma gives her $1 occasionally for the Dollar Store, and she always buys a bottle/pacifier/diapers for her future babies.  And, I can't throw anything out without her pulling it out of the trash to save for her babies.

Best friends
Haley's favorite thing to do is look at pictures non-stop on the computer.  She especially likes pictures of herself from when she was a baby.  She really likes it when I narrate the pictures as she clicks through them.  She LOVES hearing stories about herself when she was a baby.  Who could blame her?  She was a beautiful baby!

Sleeping beauty
(photo by Suzi Neely

No tube of lipstick goes unnoticed with our Baby Bear.  She has a blast discovering tubes in my purse, applying over her entire face.  As frustrating as it is, I still crack up a little at her love of makeup.
Haley likes to stay up late, making funny little scenes with all the many trinkets she won't let me throw out.  When asked, she has such funny stories to go with her creations.  At first, I got onto her for making a mess of her room during the night, but then I started noticing patterns and purpose in the arrangements.  Future Michelangelo?
"Coins on a bed"

"Birthday Cake"


"Birthday Cake II" (notice the 4 candle even made it!)

"Marbles balanced on posts"

"Jar of Marbles"

"Dolls on a bridge" (Bandaid on forehead is just for show)

Haley, you are one special kid, and your daddy and I love you so much!  Never stop keeping us on our toes and tickling our funny bones!

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Momma CocoNUT said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl! I also pretty much love that she has her Lenny the Lamb in there with her dolls! :-)