Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Upper Crust(less) Epiphany

Every time I inquire about how Shelby liked her school lunch, she always has to tell me how Kara's was SOOO much better because her mom cut the crusts off her PB&J, and my poor child had to peel them off herself. 

So, recently, Kara's mom and I were chatting.  I mentioned how Shelby thought Ms. Alicia was the bomb because of the crust issue.  Alicia rocked me to my core when she told me the whole reason she cuts off Kara's crusts was because her mom never cut hers off.  She also mentioned that she didn't see the point in leaving those darn crusts on when they offered no nutritional value.

Now, one would think bread crusts shouldn't keep this exhausted mom up at night, but it did!  I laid there thinking how irritated I would get at my mom for not cutting off the crusts too.  But, what really kept me up pondering was the whole "no nutritional value" of the crusts.  All this time, I left those crusts on thinking that there was added fiber.  Or vitamins.  Or something.  Kind of along the lines of an apple peel or grape skin.  HA!! 

From now on, those pesky crusts will be cut off of each and every sandwich I make, including my own.   Why did it take me 38 years to realize I don't HAVE to eat the crust?

P.S.  Of all the things I could blog about, I chose bread crusts??  It's time to get back in the blogging game and write about things that matter!!

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