Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Christmas to Remember

Because of Bryon's surgery, we ended up spending Christmas at home this year.  I have to say it was one to remember for several reasons.

First, the girls finally figured out the Santa concept and were absolutely obsessed with everything Santa.  Now I know what I put my parents through on Christmas Eve.  Getting them to bed was real chore!  But, seeing their excitement on Christmas morning made it all worth it.  Some highlights:

Haley getting caught opening a gift before it was time.  "What?  Me?  I'm doing nothing wrong!"
The girls trying their hardest to get on the "Nice" list

Shelby discovering her ultimate wish came true~a unicorn Dreamlite and a trampoline!

Funny masks from Grandma Birdy
After Santa arrived and we opened all our gifts, my mom & Jeff, and Molly, Marc, Carly, & Conrad all came over for our big family gathering.  The girls had a blast pestering Conrad, while the grownups had a blast feeding our faces.  

Just after eating and opening gifts, the rain changed to snow.  My family all hit the road before they were going to be snowed in at the Pfaff house.  I guess the idea of driving on black ice sounded better than spending the night with my crazy kids!  

With the house empty and the hot tub nice and toasty, the girls talked Bryon into quite possibly the silliest idea I had ever heard.  When I think back to Christmas 2012, what I will remember most is hearing the roaring laughter coming from my backyard while Bryon and the girls swam in the snow.  

My crazy polar bears!

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