Friday, February 12, 2010

Record Day!

Mother Nature made history yesterday here in DFW by dropping almost a foot of snow over us. It was absolutely beautiful and brought back so many fun memories of growing up in the Panhandle of Texas. Snowmobiling through the open wheat fields, doing donuts in the empty parking lots hoping our parents didn't spot us, being pulled down the street on an old pickup hood, eating a big bowl of snow ice get the idea!

Luckily, my girls got a chance to experience just a tiny fraction of all fun a big snowfall can bring (although I highly doubt Haley will remember anything). We don't own any winter clothing besides a light jacket, so, necessity being the mother of invention, I layered Shelby in 2 pair of pants, 2 shirts, and socks for gloves. We also don't own a sled, but we do own tons of pool toys. So, Bryon blew up an inflatable boat, and we headed down the street to take the girls sledding.

What fun! Our little adrenalin junky toddler couldn't get enough of flying down the hill. Unfortunately, mom and dad's stamina just couldn't keep up. Here's Shelby grinning from ear to ear after a big run down the "mountain":

I've loved seeing all the snowmen around. Mine, unfortunately, didn't survive for very long. Plus, we don't have a lot of snowmen accessories in DFW like in other parts of the country, so it cracks me up that a lot of our neighbors used their dead palm tree leaves. Nothing keeps a snow man alive like a tiki hut! Notice the dead sago palms in the background...

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Rita said...

Aw, look at sweet Shelby! She's so BIG! I knew Paige was growing, but somehow, in my mind, Shelby was still that same little baby I saw last spring.

My how things change!