Monday, April 13, 2009

NOW She's a Texan!

The weather turned out to be beautiful late in the day yesterday, so Noëlle, Shelby's sitter, and I took our kids to see the bluebonnets. It was a little hectic and a lot muddy, but it was SO worth it to see the great pictures we captured. For my out-of-state friends, the bluebonnet is the state flower, and it blooms all along the roadsides in the spring. Every kid that grew up in Texas has a picture just like this one! Here's Shelby with Rebel and Zoë:


Anonymous said...

That picture of her turned out amazing!!!


Linda said...

I think you could be a photographer on the side. But look at who you photograph - Hard to mess up a photo with Miss Shelby!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great!!!

I am so jealous I want to get a picture of the kids in bluebonnets just once. I never seem to get to Texas at the right time (with the kids that is). Darn OKLAHOMA! The bluebonnets just don't grow this far north.


Allison said...

Too bad the hill down the street didn't have bluebonnets this year. I was going to take the boys' picture there for old times sake and was sad to see a freshly mowed hill. You found a great spot for your pictures!