Monday, July 21, 2008

Poling Reunion

This past weekend was the annual family reunion with my mom's family. We had 19 people at our house to catch up on old times ("Happy Crappy" per Meredith). The highlight this year was Rock Band and Wii. Needless to say, any relative under 30 did well. The rest of us is another story! Above is a picture of Molly and I after spending some time in the pool. For more details, click here.
This is Shelby with my Aunt Wendy (mom's sister). She and my Uncle Gary raised four great boys, so I had lots of questions on how to duplicate her success. Shelby loved being held all day and didn't hesitate to go to any strangers. She also has a cute new trick where she can scoot across the floor with a little help. She is so strong!

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kerri said...

i just discovered your blog! yay! can't wait to check it out.
molly looks like your double!!!